In addition to our bespoke work, Staff Roster Solutions offers two main products for developers and providers of workforce scheduling and roster solutions. These are ScheduleSolver and ShiftSolver, both of which are designed to provide automation capabilities to workforce management software developed by our clients.

ScheduleSolver automatically assigns individuals to shifts based on the rules and preferences of the employer and employees. The models used are sufficiently flexible to account for a wide range of workforce management needs. This is possible since the models can easily be customised according to the needs of the individuals and the workforce management requirements.
ShiftSolver is designed for problems in which the start and end times of shifts also need to be decided for each employee for each day. It will also position breaks and assign activities within shifts according to the user-defined rules and preferences. The demand/cover constraints are specified by activity (and optionally skill) for each user-defined time interval within the planning horizon (such as every 15 minutes for example).