Automation solutions for providers of workforce management software

Over a decade of advanced research has resulted in the development of automation engines that can be linked with most workforce management software solutions on the market today. This has the effect of dramatically improving the capability of currently available systems, providing faster and better staff schedules. Staff Roster Solutions can work with developers of workforce management software using unique plug in packages that will add greater power and automation.

People and gears

The power behind the scenes

Our fully automated scheduling engines can be integrated with any existing workforce management / rostering solution.

Our customers leverage the benefit of their existing user interface and workforce management features, but when it comes to generating work schedules, our automation modules do the work.

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Improve the reach and performance of your workforce management application by fully automating the generation of shift schedules and rosters.

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Make the most of your team by optimising shift design and assignment, including shift start & end times, break assignment, activity switching and split shifts.

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artificial intelligence

State-of-the-art algorithms create optimal schedules based on your objectives. A fully documented platform independent interface means minimal integration time.

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the right product...

Find out more about our products and select the one that is right for your needs. Choose from assigning shift patterns - AutoRoster - or designing and assigning shifts - ShiftSolver.

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From healthcare to retail to emergency services, we listen to our customers needs and provide solutions that meet them.